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Stramas kommentar i dag:

"It´s my decision and no, he hasn´t been suspended. What happened yesterday is nothing out of the ordinary, it was just an argument. The people who reported it don´t have Inter´s best interests at heart because things like that should be kept within the dressing room. It was just an argument; there was no contact. I am annoyed that it´s been reported publicly because what goes on in the dressing room is sacred. I might have seen 30,000 similar situations before now. Besides anything else, Cassano is one of the players who has played more than most over the last seven matches. It´s simply a decision I´ve taken and I don´t want this to turn into a press conference about Cassano now."
[...] "I´ll reply by telling you the facts: if he had been suspended then he wouldn´t have trained today. It´s my choice not to include him in the squad but on Monday he´ll train with us as normal and, touch wood, if nothing happens to him between now and Thursday he´ll be among the 18 in London."

Så til kampen i morgen mod Catania er der tre angribere i form af Palacio, Rocchi og Colombi. Det bliver en svær kamp.