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Sidder lige og bladrer igennem kommentarer da det blev offentliggjort af Sky Sports at vi skrev med Mané den 26. juni 2016.

Det er nogle gode imellem :D

HAHAHAHAHA meanwhile we sign Mkhitaryan for the same price.

hahaha up there with the £35m spent on Andy Carroll!

I´d rather play for millwall than buy him for £30 million

surprise we didnt sign their Ex manager Koeman... Useless Transfer committee..... Same old mistakes

If he´s worth £30m then Jonathan Walters is worth £90m

a poor mans Lingard

yayyyyy another shit Southampton player. Should cement a top 10 finish no problem...

flop of the season already.

great business that for the Saints. He is inconsistent and certainly not worth 30+ million.

What a rip off, He´s only worth half that at the most

Liverpool and reckless spending

He scored n fucked Liverpool at St. Marys now they signing him. Lol

another Saints player chasing the money and won´t get a game

£30m Really??? Saints must be licking their chops everytime
come calling. mkhitaryan £26m. Madness

instead of buying their useless players why don´t we just pay for their scouts instead....

30m hahahhahahah they Fucking love wasting money