Du svarer på indlægget:
"Jeg synes blot det er sjovt at bebrejde Liverpool fans for at holde den kunstigt i live, som Man Utd og alle de store medier offentligt går ud bidrager til, så at sige."

Det er jeg sådan set ikke uenig i. Min holdning er egentlig meget godt opsummeret i det følgende jeg har linket til, og så tror jeg ikke rigtig der er mere at diskutere uden det bliver til gentagelser.

"The press have told us the song is about Hillsborough, not even attempting to provide a rational argument concerning what else it could be about. I am now being told by the papers that when I’ve sung that song for months, what I have actually been singing about is Hillsborough. How on earth can out of touch journalists, who have no clue about the ill-feeling between rival fans, determine what I am singing about, what you are singing about? They know us better than we know ourselves, apparently.

Likewise, I’m not going to make the same mistake of saying that every single United fan who sings that song is coming from the same state of mind as me. I can’t categorically say there aren’t some United fans, that idiotic minority, that may sing the song with thoughts of Hillsborough in mind. For that reason, it was stupid for fans to sing it on Saturday, as even though your intention might not be to mock Hillsborough, it is easy to draw conclusions that singing “it’s never your fault” is in direct reference to what Liverpool fans have been saying about what happened in Sheffield for the past 23 years."