Mere indhold efter annoncen
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Lidt fra James Pearce om Kirkby :

Jurgen Klopp’s fingerprints are all over Liverpool’s stunning new £50 million training complex.

A paddle tennis court has been built outside for his fiercely-contested pre-training session battles with assistant manager Pep Lijnders. It sits next to three newly-laid GrassMaster hybrid pitches and a special goalkeeping working area.

Inside the state-of-the-art facility in Kirkby, eight miles from Liverpool city centre, the attention to detail is typical of the man who has restored the club to the pinnacle of European football and put them on the brink of a first league title for 30 years.

Klopp was at the heart of the discussions with London-based architects KSS after the decision was taken in 2017 to leave their historic Melwood base in the West Derby area of the city and expand the academy site to incorporate the first-team set-up.

His vision for the future has been backed to the hilt by owners Fenway Sports Group. Klopp has described their commitment as “a big statement”.

“Our long-term approach to investing and growing this club is as important off the pitch as it is on it,” chairman Tom Werner tells The Athletic. “There has always been an aspiration to build a world-class training facility that becomes an elite performance centre where young players have a clear pathway to the first team.

“The strategic benefits of this new approach will not only be for today’s players and staff but for future generations of talented Liverpool footballers and coaches.

“We are excited that this vision is now taking shape. We are appreciative of all the input we received from Jurgen, his staff and the players. And we are proud to be part of another significant milestone in this club’s extraordinary history.”

Helped by a relatively mild winter, the work being carried out by contractors McLaughlin and Harvey is bang on track with Klopp’s players set to walk through the doors for the first time when pre-season training starts in early July.

They will be greeted by artwork celebrating legendary Liverpool figures and a mosaic of a packed Kop emblazoned with the words ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’. It’s there to remind them of the history of the club they represent.

The new 9,200 sq m training complex will house both the first-team and the under-23s squads, with the younger age groups remaining on the other side of the site which was initially opened in 1998.

The building includes two gyms, a large indoor sports hall, swimming pool, an extensive hydrotherapy complex, specialist sports rehabilitation and medical suites as well as relaxation and dining areas. There are also dedicated TV studios, press conference facilities and an array of offices with balconies overlooking the pitches.

FSG principal owner John W Henry and his wife Linda Pizzuti were recently given a tour to see how it’s all coming together and told staff they were “blown away” by the progress.

It has been designed, at Klopp’s request, so the youngsters in the development squad don’t automatically have access to the designated first-team areas. The manager wants them to have to earn the right to be allowed into that side of the building. That is the next step they have to take through hard graft.

Sporting director Michael Edwards, academy director Alex Inglethorpe and Lijnders also had a considerable amount of input in the design, along with senior players including captain Jordan Henderson and vice-captain James Milner. Liverpool went on a fact-finding mission to a number of European clubs to assess their facilities, including Red Bull Salzburg’s acclaimed training complex.

The huge first-team gym in Kirkby has been designed so it’s bathed in natural light with the glass front providing panoramic views of the training pitches – providing a source of motivation for those on the comeback trail after injury.

Klopp has also ensured that bases for nutrition and sports psychology are embedded in the middle of the building rather than being on the fringes. It’s a pointer to how highly he regards the importance of those departments and their location in the new set-up will ram home that message to his players.

Mona Nemmer has been the club’s head of nutrition since she joined from Bayern Munich in 2016 and is a popular figure with the players. Klopp brought sports psychologist Lee Richardson on board last summer and he’s been based at Melwood for three days a week this season. The former Watford, Blackburn Rovers and Aberdeen midfielder was recruited from Hull City by Liverpool’s medical rehabilitation and performance manager Phil Jacobsen.

Klopp has always viewed the amalgamation of the club’s two training bases as key to his long-term vision. The six-mile gap between Melwood and Kirkby has been a source of frustration for him since he took over in October 2015.

“Melwood is a really great place, historic, I love it. The problem is we are really separated,” he says. “It’s not far from Melwood to Kirkby but it’s too far. I really love Melwood but football changes. Sometimes you have to set standards. It’s really good that our owners give us the opportunity to make this big step. Twenty-five years ago, Melwood set the level. In those 25 years, a lot of things happened.

“Bringing the academy and the first team together is one point, but it’s also about improving a lot of things that we can’t improve here. It will only be good for the future of the club. I really believe that infrastructure keeps responsibility up.”

The German coach has a strong relationship with Inglethorpe. The shared values and principles was underlined by the impressive manner in which the club’s talented youngsters stepped up to beat Shrewsbury Town last week to put Liverpool in the last 16 of the FA Cup.

However, Klopp can’t wait to be closer to all of the 170 academy youngsters who are looking to make the grade and the staff working to help them. When there’s a gap in his schedule, he wants to be able to take a short walk to watch one of the youth teams in action. He wants those kids to be inspired by the sight of Sadio Mane, Virgil van Dijk and co working nearby.

Vitor Matos, the elite development coach, is currently the key link between Melwood and Kirkby. He is responsible for the movement of players between the sites depending on what numbers are required for first-team sessions. Logistically, this will be a great deal easier come July.

“It’s very exciting,” says Inglethorpe, who has had the perfect view of the building taking shape from his office window. “It has unfolded in front of our eyes and it’s very impressive. The under-23s will be based there and it will be an aspirational vision for all the young players. Having the first-team staff so close will be really helpful for us. It’s been very cleverly thought through and designed.”

Melwood has been home for Liverpool since the 1950s and leaving their iconic base this summer hasn’t been without controversy.

The land was sold for around £10 million last August to affordable-housing provider Torus, with planning permission secured to build 160 homes. That was a disappointment to the local residents and councillors behind the ‘Save Melwood’ campaign, who had been campaigning for the facilities to be kept open for community use. Instead the bulldozers will move in.

Liverpool’s chief operating officer Andy Hughes insists the club will leave “with a heavy heart” but says that “all funds from the sale of the Melwood site will be reinvested back into the first-team squad and the state-of-the-art training centre at the new Kirkby site”.

Whereas Anfield’s new Main Stand, which was opened in 2016, was financed by a £110 million loan taken out by FSG in America, the money for the training ground has come from Liverpool’s own credit facility – a sign of much greater financial health. Liverpool use three banks – Royal Bank of Scotland, Bank of America and SunTrust Bank.

The same funding approach will be adopted when it comes to rebuilding the Anfield Road end of the stadium if planning permission is granted for the £60 million scheme to boost capacity to around 61,000. The second stage of the public consultation is about to get underway with plans revised to enable the road behind the stand to remain open after feedback from residents.

Financial accounts for last season are due to be published before the end of February with record revenues expected on the back of the club’s lucrative Champions League triumph. Werner has previously pointed to the success of Liverpool’s commercial team under Billy Hogan as key to being able to improve the club’s infrastructure.

“We’ve had double-digit growth under Billy’s leadership. It’s very important to us as, among other things, that has enabled us to invest in our squad and invest in Kirkby,” Werner adds.

Liverpool are open to the idea of agreeing a naming rights deal for the new training complex similar to the one Manchester United have with insurance company Aon. However, Anfield officials are keen to stress it would need to be the right partner and that no agreement is currently close.

Klopp has long since felt constrained by a lack of space at Melwood. There is a shortage of meeting rooms and offices, while the indoor training facility is small and dated. With the staffing levels in elite football in the modern era, Liverpool have effectively outgrown the place.

Another attraction for Klopp in moving to Kirkby is how secluded it is. That should help prevent team information from leaking out. Currently, fans desperate to catch a glimpse of their heroes use bins, cars or ladders to look over the walls of Melwood and watch training, although the use of a privacy curtain around the main pitch has enabled Klopp to keep his matchday plans under wraps to a much greater degree.

Liverpool bought 14 acres of land from Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council for £160,000 in February 2018 in order to boost the size of the academy site in Kirkby to 60 acres. Construction work started seven months later. As part of the deal, the club has made a significant investment in improving sports facilities for the local community by redeveloping the Eddie McArdle football pitches and building new changing rooms.

Klopp was initially concerned about how exposed the academy is to the elements and in particular how the wind – something he describes as “the biggest enemy of football” – would affect his training sessions. But Liverpool commissioned a study to help solve that problem. The use of computer simulations helped them to define exactly what work was required to provide maximum protection from the effects of the wind.

The project has included extensive landscaping on the perimeters of the three pitches and the planting of dozens of trees to ensure that Klopp’s men aren’t blown off course.

Architects KSS specialise in major sports venues and training facilities. As well as Anfield’s Main Stand, they previously worked on Stamford Bridge, Twickenham, the No 1 Court at Wimbledon and Tottenham Hotspur’s new stadium. They have also designed new training complexes for Tottenham and Leicester City among others.

The framework for the new building in Kirkby was constructed using 2,000 pieces of steel weighing 520 tonnes and involved 144 timber beams being lowered into place.

KSS chairman David Keirle says: “Our designs reflect the identity and ambition of Liverpool FC. They provide a clear, aspirational pathway to the first team, whilst retaining the requirement for each player to earn the right to progress to every level.”

Saying goodbye to Melwood at the end of the season will be laced with emotion. Bill Shankly transformed the place in the 1960s and Gerard Houllier brought it into the 21st century with the work he oversaw. It holds a stack of memories.

However, Klopp has always been more interested in the future than the past. Having penned a new contract until 2024, the new training complex will be part of his legacy.

Excelling on the field, Liverpool will have surroundings in keeping with their lofty status.

Their sparkling new Kirkby base is a home fit for the Premier League champions.

“Some people believe football is a matter of life and death, I am very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that.” Bill Shankly
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Tak YNWA:-)
Liverpool FC - Y.N.W.A "The trouble with referees is that they know the rules, but they don't know the game." Bill Shankly
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Ja, jeg vil også gerne lige takke dig YNWA :D
Det er ikke altid du lige fået en reaktion på dine indlæg, men de fleste bliver læst og er værdsat bare lige du ved det!
Spændende læsning

En artikel fra Guardian hvor Klopp erklærer at der stadig er plads til forbedring.
We are Liverpool
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Ja rigtig god og spændende læsning. Man kan osse følge lidt med i byggeriet på Skyscraber City, hvor der indimellem bliver lagt lidt billleder osv op.

Lidt mere om tidsplanen osv om Anfield Road udvidelsen :

Dejligt have Mane og Milner tilbage på træningsbanen. 7-9-13 kan vi forhåbentlig gå ind i den sidste 1/3 del af sæsonen, hvor tingene bliver afgjort, med en mere el mindre skadesfri trup ! :)
“Some people believe football is a matter of life and death, I am very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that.” Bill Shankly
Skrevet af Slettet(152148200712)
Synes jeg læste et sted at hvis man siger vores formodet stærkeste opstilling er:

Taa - Gomez - Vvd - Robertson
Hendo - Gini
Salah - Bobby - Mané

Så har vi endnu ikke startet med den i sæsonen. Det lyder lidt skørt :)

Jeg følger Christian Falk fra BILD på twitter fordi han plejer at være med fremme omkring transfers i Bundesligaen. Han skriver nu at Werner til Liverpool til sommer, sker.
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Bild er tabloid.
"The problem with my life is that I've said too much shit in the past and no-one forgets it"
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Jeg tror sgu ikke rigtig på det rygte med Werner. Der er ikke noget der tyder på, at nogen fra The Fab 3 er på vej væk, medmindre Klopp taler usandt el en af dem pludselig laver “en Coutinho”. Jeg kan sagtens se, at det vil give nogle flere muligheder når holdet skal sættes, men jeg tror bare ikke på, at Edwards/Klopp bruger £50 M el hvad prisen nu er, på en spiller som ikke umiddelbart går ind i startelleveren.

Hvis man evt. henter Werner og han er købt til at gå ind i XL, så vil det jo formentlig betyde flere rokeringer på holdet. Salah ind på Bobby’s plads, er Salah bedre der ? Det har jeg min tvivl om, synes han er bedst når han som udgangspunkt kommer fra kanten af. Der er trods alt lidt mere plads at løbe i, end når man skal ind og slås med 2 CB. Så skal Bobby jo rykkes længere tilbage og man skal så fjerne en af de 3 midtbanespillere. Det er da muligt at det vil gøre holdet endnu bedre, men jeg har da min tvivl om, at Klopp vil ændre på balancen på holdet og det vil man jo formentlig gøre i et el andet omfang, hvis der skal være plads til Werner.

Jeg tror vi får et meget roligt sommervindue. Jeg tror man erstatter Lallana med Curtis Jones og lader ham få endnu flere spilleminutter næste sæson. Så er spørgsmålet hvad Lovren vil, han er jo et fint 4 valg. Men vil han videre, står klubben jo nok ikke i vejen for et skifte. Her kunne der nok ske noget, hvis man ikke mener Hoever og Van Den Berg ikke er helt klar endnu. Så er der Shaq, jeg håber han bliver, men kan godt forstå hvis han jagter mere spilletid. Spørgsmålet her er om Elliott er klar til overtage Shaq’s rolle el om det er lidt for tidligt, men han ser jo voldsom spændende ud af en 16 årige spiller at være.
“Some people believe football is a matter of life and death, I am very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that.” Bill Shankly
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Werner ville da være en fin tilføjelse, men vil han være tilfreds med en reservetjans, jeg tvivler.

Umiddelbart tror jeg heller ikke på de helt store handler til sommer, dertil tegner nogle af de unge alt for lovende, og jeg tror Klopp tænker det samme.
Y. N. W. A. #JFT97
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Når man ser Werner spille, så spiller han som en der skriger efter at spille Klopp-fodbold. Han passer som fod i hose. Det er vel heller ikke utænkeligt at han har mod på at tage konkurrencen med dem vi i forvejen har. Hvem siger han ikke kan slå en af dem af? . Salah og Mané skal potentielt også være væk noget tid næste sæson for at spille i Afrika. Prisen er fin, med tanke på frikøbklausulen. Man kunne også sagtens forstille sig at Origi gerne vil videre nu, Shaqiri ryger helt sikkert videre.
Jeg tror på den :-)
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Ja, Salah og Mane er vel væk i 4-6 kampe i januar/februar.

FA har ikke droppet omkampe i 4. runde af FA Cuppen, så der er igen en chance for at få luftet babyerne, skulle man en i en omkamp som i år.
Y. N. W. A. #JFT97
Skrevet af Paz
Meget enig med Kanmandet.

Hvorfor skal Salah flyttes op som 9´er? Kan det ikke lige så godt være Werner der får den tjans? Den eneste rokering vil i så fald være Firmino ned som 10´er.

Jeg ser også gerne Werner som erstatning for Shaqiri og eventuelt Origi. Shaqiri er for meget fraværende og Origi er lidt er et misfit, der er aldrig rigtig kommer til at finde fodfæste som andet end marginalspiller. Under alle omstændigheder vil Werner højne niveauet i forhold til de to og som spillertype passer han perfekt ind på holdet.

Det kunne også give lidt ´sund konkurrence´ til de tre forreste på bagkant af en utrolig succesfuld sæson (mesterskabet som minimum), hvor nogle hold og spillere kan have det med at hvile lidt på laurbærrene. Ikke at det nødvendigvis bliver tilfældet for et Klopp-hold, men jeg tror nu alligevel lidt på clichéen om at det også er vigtigt at tilføje noget ekstra sult.

Derudover er det også værd at have med i betragtningen at der skal planlægges til en måneds tid(?) uden Salah, Mané og Keita, der vel alle skal til AFCON næste vinter.
Skrevet af YNWA"96"
Er da enig i, at tingenes tilstand hurtigt kan ændre sig. Men det virker jo umiddelbart ikke til at Origi vil væk, han forlængede i sommers og kunne have skiftet til Wolves i sommers hvis det var det han ville. Hans kultstatus i klubben og de sportslige resultater kan jo godt have lidt indflydelse på, om han har så travlt med at komme videre. Han virker jo til, at have det ok med hans rolle i truppen. Han levere jo fint når han får chancen og jeg vil være ked af ikke at have ham i truppen når vi møder Everton :) !!

Men trods store investeringer udenfor kridtstregerne, så mangler klubben næppe penge og Klopp sagde osse på et pressemøde, at konkurrenterne står jo ikke stille, så nu må vi se hvad der kommer til at ske.
“Some people believe football is a matter of life and death, I am very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that.” Bill Shankly
Skrevet af Zacha
Tror også han vil være en kanon tilføjelse.

Han er en mere "naturlig" målscorer end de 3 vi har oppe foran - og kan være Klopp vil eksperimentere med Bobby liggende lidt dybere med Werner helt fremme i kampe mod hold der pakker sig.

Vi har hele sæsonen skreget på rotation oppe foran og med 4 kompetente spillere vil der være plads til det - kontra i dag, hvor det er dag eller som oftest nat, når Origi starter inde. Han er for svingende og på trods af vigtige mål sidste år, så mangler han bare at bevise sit værd i andet end jokerrollen. Han shinede dog mod Barca sidste år, men ellers har der været langt mellem snapsene når han er startet inde.

Prisen er en no brainer hvis de £25 mio. er rigtige.. en ung spiller med mål og fart i støvlerne, der har bevist sig i en stor liga og med et stort løbepensum og som er god i genpresset.
Skrevet af YNWA"96"
Paz det er selvfølgelig osse en mulighed, men jeg går da udfra at man har en tanke med købet af Minamino. Det er da muligt, han er en erstatning for Shaq, men jeg hælder nok mere til, at han skal aflaste først og fremmest Bobby. Men jeg tror bare ikke på, at Klopp vil ændre på midtbanen og den balance der er, men nu må vi se hvad tanker Klopp og Co. gør sig.
“Some people believe football is a matter of life and death, I am very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that.” Bill Shankly
Skrevet af Paz
Jeg ser mest af alt Minamino som en alsidig rotationsspiller, der kan få kampe i mange forskellige positioner. Jeg tror dog han ville fungere bedst i en 10´er rolle, hvor han har frihed til at bevæge sig. Både Firmino og Minamino vil kunne spille en defensiv 10´er i den forstand at det er to kloge og løbestærke spillere, der ikke melder sig ud, når vi ikke er på bolden. Det er selvfølgelig klart at det vil give et mere offensivt udtryk, men jeg tror nu ikke at det er fordi det nødvendigvis vil rykke alverden ved den berømte balance. Minamino og Firmino er som spillere mindst ligeså gode defensivt som Keita og det er vel primært skader der har holdt ham fra at blive en fast bestanddel af holdet.

Jeg tror slet ikke at Klopp er så låst i sine formationer som nogle herinde forestiller sig.

Skrevet af YNWA"96"
Det er bare meget få gange, vi har set Klopp rykke Bobby tilbage i banen. De gange det er sket, er det hvor vi har jagtet et resultat. Vi har ikke set en startellever med Bobby på midtbanen, selvom vi har spillede hjemme og i de fleste tilfælde parkerer modstanderen sig på egen bane. Men om det kommer til at ske mere, skal være usagt, men jeg har nu min tvivl.
“Some people believe football is a matter of life and death, I am very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that.” Bill Shankly
Skrevet af Paz
Forudsætningen for at det skal ske er også at vi køber en kompetent spiller der kan erstatte ham på 9´er positionen. Timo Werner spiller her ikke endnu.
Skrevet af YNWA"96"
Så hvis jeg forstår dig ret, så mener du at først og fremmest, at Origi og Shaq ikke er kompetente når vi ex. spiller hjemme mod Brighton - Norwich osv. ?

Klopp kunne ikke stille op i disse kampe med en midtbane og et angreb , som ex. dette

Fab - Gini
Mo - Origi - Mane

Fordi der ikke har været en kompetent afløser for Bobby/ 9’er ?

“Some people believe football is a matter of life and death, I am very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that.” Bill Shankly
Skrevet af Paz
Ja, Origi og Shaqiri er ikke lige så dygtige som Werner. Ingen af dem kan udføre det samme defensive arbejde som Firmno i 9´er positionen. Det kan Timo Werner i langt højere grad.

Men Shaq er jo også lidt en speciel case. Han har kun fået "kontinuerlig" spilletid i en enkelt periode i de snart to år han har været i klubben og det var det første halve år. Men der var der jo rent faktisk også et par kampe, hvor han blev spillet sammen med de tre forreste og hvor Firmino, som jeg husker det, blev trukket ned i en rolle som 10´er og Salah blev spillet som 9´er. Det mener jeg egentlig også er et fint bevis på at Klopp er villig til at dyrke den formation, så snart han føler han har dygtige nok spillere til udføre deres opgaver i den.