Mere indhold efter annoncen
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Fra Halils link:

" "man spænder da ikke en hvid elefant for en trækvogn".

Det er fedt citat. Det skal jeg til at bruge. Vil fungere særlig godt i Thailand.
Dette er en signatur.
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Nazisterne var på mange måder ret fede, faktisk. Se bare deres flotte tøj. Og bygningsværkerne.
Niddets arkivar
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De havde helt klart styr på æstetikken. Var på krigsmuseet i Wien som har en flot udstilling om alle krige Østrig har været med i. Meget interessant hvis man er på de kanter.
Dette er en signatur.
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Nazisterne var på mange måder ret fede, faktisk. Se bare deres flotte tøj. Og bygningsværkerne.

Og glem ikke deres fokus på sundhed. Var det ikke dem som var først ude med antirygnings regler?
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Ikke at forglemme fremragende musiksmag.

What was not to like?
Morten Olsen: Vi skal huske på, at Danmark er en stor fodboldnation, men et lille land.
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Ikke at forglemme fremragende musiksmag.

What was not to like?

Og som vi siger nede i Nazi-klubben, så skal der to til at starte en krig.
Hva kan jeg hjælpe med hr. Andresen??
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Var det ikke dem som var først ude med antirygnings regler?

Göring var den første i Europa som røg crack.
God knows that he won´t arrive
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Lidt "fun" facts formodes:

Kodak. During World War Two, Kodak´s German branch used slave laborers from concentration camps. Several of their other European branches did heavy business with the Nazi government.

And Wilhelm Keppler, one of Hitler´s top economic advisers, had deep ties in Kodak. When Nazism began, Keppler advised Kodak and several other U.S. companies that they´d benefit by firing all of their Jewish employees. (Source: The Nation)

Hugo Boss. In the 1930s, Hugo Boss started making Nazi uniforms. The reason: Hugo Boss himself had joined the Nazi party, and got a contract to make the Hitler Youth, storm trooper and SS uniforms.

That was a huge boon for Hugo Boss... he got the contract just eight years after founding his company... and that infusion of business helped take the company to another level.

The Nazi uniform manufacturing went so well that Hugo Boss ended up needing to bring in slave laborers in Poland and France to help out at the factory.

In 1997, Hugo´s son, Siegfried Boss, told an Austrian news magazine, "Of course my father belonged to the Nazi party. But who didn´t belong back then?" (Source: New York Times)

Volkswagen. Ferdinand Porsche, the man behind Volkswagen and Porsche, met with Hitler in 1934, to discuss the creation of a "people´s car." (That´s the English translation of Volkswagen.)

Hitler told Porsche to make the car with a streamlined shape, "like a beetle." And that´s the genesis of the Volkswagen Beetle... it wasn´t just designed for the Nazis, Hitler NAMED it.

During World War Two, it´s believed that as many as four out of every five workers at Volkswagen´s plants were slave laborers. Ferdinand Porsche even had a direct connection to Heinrich Himmler, one of the leaders of the SS, to directly request slaves from Auschwitz. (Source: The Straight Dope)

Bayer. During the Holocaust, a German company called IG Farben manufactured the Zyklon B gas used in the Nazi gas chambers. They also funded and helped with Josef Mengele´s "experiments" on concentration camp prisoners.

IG Farben is the company that turned the single largest profit from work with the Nazis. After the War, the company was broken up. Bayer was one of its divisions, and went on to become its own company.

Oh... and aspirin was founded by a Bayer employee, Arthur Eichengrun. But Eichengrun was Jewish, and Bayer didn´t want to admit that a Jewish guy created the one product that keeps their company in business. So, to this day, Bayer officially gives credit to Felix Hoffman, a nice Aryan man, for inventing aspirin. (Source: Alliance for Human Research Protection, Pharmaceutical Achievers)

Siemens. Siemens took slave laborers during the Holocaust and had them help construct the gas chambers that would kill them and their families. Good people over there.

Siemens also has the single biggest post-Holocaust moment of insensitivity of any of the companies on this list. In 2001, they tried to trademark the word "Zyklon" (which means "cyclone" in German) to become the name a new line of products... including a line of gas ovens.

Zyklon, of course, being the name of the poison gas used in their gas chambers during the Holocaust.

A week later, after several watchdog groups appropriately freaked out, Siemens withdrew the application. They said they never drew the connection between the Zyklon B gas used during the Holocaust and their proposed Zyklon line of products. (Source: BBC)

Coca-Cola, specifically Fanta. Coke played both sides during World War Two... they supported the American troops but also kept making soda for the Nazis. Then, in 1941, the German branch of Coke ran out of syrup, and couldn´t get any from America because of wartime restrictions.

So they invented a new drink, specifically for the Nazis: A fruit-flavored soda called Fanta.

That´s right: Long before Fanta was associated with a bunch of exotic women singing a god-awful jingle, it was the unofficial drink of Nazi Germany. (Source: New Statesman)

Ford. Henry Ford is a pretty legendary anti-Semite, so this makes sense. He was Hitler´s most famous foreign backer. On his 75th birthday, in 1938, Ford received a Nazi medal, designed for "distinguished foreigners."

He profiteered off both sides of the War -- he was producing vehicles for the Nazis AND for the Allies.

I´m wondering if, in a completely misguided piece of logic, Allianz points to the Detroit Lions giving Ford the naming rights to their stadium as a reason why they should get the rights to the Meadowlands. (Source: Reformed Theology)

Standard Oil. The Luftwaffe needed tetraethyl lead gas in order to get their planes off the ground. Standard Oil was one of only three companies that could manufacture that type of fuel. So they did.

Without them, the German air force never could´ve even gotten their planes off the ground.

When Standard Oil was dissolved as a monopoly, it led to ExxonMobil, Chevron and BP, all of which are still around today. (But fortunately, their parent company´s past decision to make incredible profits off of war have not carried on.) (Source: MIT´s Thistle)

Chase bank. A lot of banks sided with the Nazis during World War Two. Chase is the most prominent.

They froze European Jewish customers´ accounts and were extremely cooperative in providing banking service to Germany. (Source: New York Times)

IBM. IBM custom-build machines for the Nazis that they could use to track everything... from oil supplies to train schedules into death camps to Jewish bank accounts to individual Holocaust victims themselves.

In September of 1939, when Germany invaded Poland, the "New York Times" reported that three million Jews were going to be "immediately removed" from Poland and were likely going to be "exterminat[ed]."

IBM´s reaction? An internal memo saying that, due to that "situation", they really needed to step up production on high-speed alphabetizing equipment. (Source: CNet)

Random House publishing. Random House´s parent company, Bertelsmann A.G., worked for the Nazis... they published Hitler propaganda, and a book called "Sterilization and Euthanasia: A Contribution to Applied Christian Ethics".

Bertelsmann still owns and operates several companies. I picked Random House because they drew controversy in 1997 when they decided to expand the definition of Nazi in Webster´s Dictionary.

Eleven years ago, they added the colloquial, softened definition of "a person who is fanatically dedicated to or seeks to control a specified activity, practice, etc." (Think "Soup Nazi".)

The Anti-Defamation League called that expanded definition offensive... especially when added by a company with Nazi ties... they said it, quote, "trivializes and denies the murderous intent and actions of the Nazi regime... it also cheapens the language by allowing people to reach for a quick word fix... [and] lends a helping hand to those whose aim is to prove that the Nazis were really not such terrible people." (Source: New York Observer, ADL)

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Efter vores lille DF-vælger snak i går:…62257648223
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Monte Carlo? Mon-te Car-lo?

Du hilser - heldigvis - i Alperne.…YChhyYpzBsU

God knows that he won´t arrive
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Kære tilflytter, velkommen og så kan du tage stilling til den kommende afstemning om indvandring.…1A9YDjy35ww

Liebe Grüsse,
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fuggi, tænk dig nu om inden du ukritisk poster rygter fra en eller anden random side. Det med Fanta er en falsk myte. Det med Volkswagen skulle dog være sandt, resten har jeg ikke hørt om før.
Tabellen lyver altid!
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Nu vi snakker politisk ukorrekt musik osv så synes jeg Islamisk Stats kendingsmelodi er ret fængende:…swicUF3LS0w

Jeg er dog ikke sikker på at jeg behøver kende oversættelsen.
Dette er en signatur.
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Enig. Jeg har lige danset til den i min seng for fuld udblæsning. På et tidspunkt lyder det som om, de synger noget med Nadeem Farooq.
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Nu vi snakker politisk ukorrekt musik osv så synes jeg Islamisk Stats kendingsmelodi er ret fængende:…swicUF3LS0w

Jeg er dog ikke sikker på at jeg behøver kende oversættelsen.

En del Nasheeds kan være ret ørefængende, der går nærmest melodi grand prix i møget.…bGZQNcrGFFA

Men ja du går bestemt ikke glip af noget mht lyrikken.
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Gør det DF og deres vælgere mindre tåbelige at Steve er en idiot? Ikke dermed sagt at han er eller ikke er det, men jeg kan ikke lige se relevansen, medmindre du i virkeligheden bare forsøger at påpege, at man skal være en idiot for at støtte nogen af partierne? I så fald er vi i øvrigt rørende enige.

Nå, hvorfor må man nu ikke diskutere med Steve, selv hvis han havde været en idiot (hvilket han jo ikke er)..

Omvendt behøver man vel heller ikke have lav IQ for at være snæversynet eller småracistisk, og jeg er forresten uenig i antagelsen om, at man gennemsnitligt scorer ligeså højt på en IQ test, hvis man aldrig har lært at regne, læse, osv, men det er ærligt talt ikke noget, der ligger mig meget på sinde. Det bliver vist en meget afledt diskussion.

Anyway, jeg tror jeg vil lade Pibe føre sin egen sag.

De lande, som scorer højest på IQ-snit, er lande, hvor politisk korrekthed er en by i Rusland (og som ikke modtager asylansøgere)... dvs. Singapore, Japan og Sydkorea .. hvad det så end siger om sammenhængen mellem IQ og fremmedfjendskhed.


Folk der orienterer sig mod andre kulturer er sædvanligvis bedre begavede end folk der lever i deres egen lille verden. Hvorfor tror du antropologi kræver så højt et snit. Alle kan sgu da starte deres egen virksomhed, blot de ved hvordan de snyder med momsen.

Husk der er indvandrerstop i Danmark. Det aner DF jo ikke hvad betyder. Hvad angår flygtninge og folks ret til at gifte sig med en udlænding, må jeg bare sige at jeg er glad for at jeg er født med overskud til andre mennesker, ligesom jeg betaler min høje skat med glæde. Der er nok af negative folk, som er utilfredse med alt.

DF lever jo af at brokke sig. De er imod imod imod. At de så laver deres egen version af intelligent design fordi det går op for dem at de ikke kan komme ud af EU, er jo ligegyldigt. Det er et slag i luften at ville være kritisk overfor EU. Det er EB-niveau.

Mit juleønske er at EL og DF bliver nedlagt. Det er ren id. Som nedre C.

På RUC, KUA, osv. hvor man angivelig studerer spændende fremmede kulturer, interesserer man sig i virkeligheden ikke for verden, man circle jerker til falderede franske "filosoffer".

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Er en stram udlændingepolitik ond eller dum? Modstanderne synes aldrig at kunne bestemme sig.
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Nazisterne var på mange måder ret fede, faktisk. Se bare deres flotte tøj. Og bygningsværkerne.

Egentlig ikke.

Selvfølgelig var nazistisk propagandakunst og arkitektur lysår mere forfinet end russernes i samme genre, men alligevel. Selv Speers byplaner var vel noget juks, egentlig. Og uniformerne er flotte af uniformer at være, men stadig bare metervare.. ellers ville de jo heller ikke have tjent deres formål.

Ligesom man vel i vidt omfang (i populærkulturen) har overvurderet nazitysklands bidrag til videnskaben. Tyskland (og Østrig) var jo en videnskabelig supermagt inden nazisterne skræmte jøderne væk og fik resten til at rette ind.
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Hvorfor tror du antropologi kræver så højt et snit.

Fordi det er et relativ lille studie og der er stor efterspørgsel efter pladserne.
Skrevet af Steve Highway-61

Der er ikke noget som franske filosofer der har kastet sig ud af vinduet.

Deleuze er jo en slags gud for mig, det indrømmer jeg gerne. Han tog afstand fra det akademiske og tog afsæt i livet. Sartre regnes jo også som ikke-akademisk i sin tankegang.

Cinema 2, s. 137-147 indeholder dybest set alt hvad man skal vide om livet. At den der søger sandheden, blot sygt søger at dømme livet. Men at livet per se er uskyldigt. Man skal selvfølgelig kende de film der refereres til. Dybest set er det kun De Radikale, der lever op til fordringer om at ville "blive" i Deleuzes forstand, men De Radikale har indtaget så mange andre standpunkter - navnlig finanspolitisk og økonomisk - der i praksis hindrer dem i det. Derfor er deres tvivlen hyklerisk. Så det måtte blive Socialdemokratiet for mit vedkommende.

All we are saying is give peace a chance that means you too